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These are really just the baseline penalties the courts use for DUI cases in Colorado. The judge and DA can pretty much do what they want when it comes to sentencing you if you’re found guiltycolorado-dui-jail work rekease. The circumstances of your case will dictate on what type and duration of penalty to throw at you. The big thing Colorado likes to do is throw you in jail for awhile. So you can pretty much guarantee yourself a few days up to 15 days even for a first DUI offense. So get yourself prepared mentally, but don’t freak out to much yet. Luckily for you they have what they call ‘Work Release’ programs that you can do in lieu of straight time. I’ll talk more about that after you take a look at the chart I created below…

Colorado DUI Penalties In 2014
Description Of OffenseCommunity ServiceJailFinesProbation
DWAI 1st Offense24hrs to 48hrs2 Days to 180 Days$200 to $500None to 2yrs
DUI 1st Offense48hrs to 96 hrs5 Days to 1 Year$600 to $1000None to 2yrs
DUI DWAI 1st Offense With BAC = or > .2048hrs to 96 hrs60 Days to 1 Year$600 to $1000None to 2yrs
DUI 2nd Offense48hrs to 120hrs10 Days to 1 Year$600 to $15002yrs to 4yrs
3rd Or Subsequent Offense48hrs to 120hrs60 Days to 1 Year$600 to $15002yrs to 4yrs
Vehicular Assault Class 4 Felony4yrs Prison to 8yrs Prison$4000 to $500000


As you can see from the above chart, it’s not a pretty picture when dealing in DUI’s. On average most of the penalties fall in the middle of the range given between the minimum and maximum allowed. However, luckily for you jail time tends to lean towards the minimum side in most cases.

One thing that is not on there that no one tells you about until you get a bill in the mail 3 months after your sentencing court date is an extra fee that is assessed against you and it’s something called a ‘County Restitution Fee’. This little fee can be big or small or not at all. Basically, it’s a fee for any damaged that you caused while committing your DUI. Maybe you hit a road sign or a mailbox or maybe all you did was leave some tire marks on the road from applying your breaks when you were pulled over. Whatever the case, you will most likely be getting a bill from the county at some point. It’s more or less a money grab in most cases, especially if no damage was done on your part, but that’s life in DUI land. No one ever said this was gonna be cheap. As for your court fine, you will be asked to pay it in full on the day of sentencing so start saving now for it. If you can’t pay it all upfront you will be allowed to set-up a payment plan, but be warned in doing this you will forced to surrender your drivers license until the balance is paid in most counties. That means you can’t legally drive. So it will be up to you on how to proceed, but this was something I didn’t find out until it was to late. Now you know… Good Luck!


So let’s break it down, here are all the costs that can be associated with a DUI. These numbers will be based on a first time offense with no priors and a BAC of over .15, which is now considered a level at which you will be labeled a PDD (Persistent Drunk Driver) and given the maximum number of education and therapy classes.

  1. Tow Truck & Impound Costs of your vehicle – $350
  2. Bail Bond of $5000 which you will pay 10% – $500
  3. Pre-Trial Probation Fee – $50
  4. Private Lawyer One-Time Fee – $3000
  5. DUI C0urt Fine – $750
  6. County Restitution Fee – $250
  7. 12 Alcohol Education classes – $204
  8. 43 Track D Therapy Classes – $516
  9. Drug Testing – $500
  10. Probation Costs – $500
  11. License Revocation and Renewal – $150
  12. 4 months of Interlock – $250
  13. SR-22 Insurance – $75
  14. 10 Day Work Release Program $180

These numbers give us a total of $7250 for a DUI in Colorado. Things that change these numbers are amount of classes you are forced to attend, how much you spent on a lawyer?, what kind of drug testing you were asked to do? how long you were required to use interlock?, if when you are placed on unsupervised probation and if you were required to attend work release.


Each county in Colorado does community service a little bit differently, but it is what it is. You spending time working for Free and giving back to the community you’ve hurt. Obviously your own work schedule will dictate what some of your options are in this realm. Each county has different needs so make sure you ask about all your options. For instance, Weld county in Northern Colorado has program called the ‘Diaper Program’ which in essence is a program where you can complete your service hours by buying diapers and other needed items for the poorer families in the community. If your community offers it and you can afford it, it’s a quick and somewhat painless solution to knock out 75hrs of community service in one shopping day. In cases like that each hour equates to either a minimum wage dollar amount or a percentage of your current salary, which ever is larger. Easy way outs are never cheap!


So here’s the scoop, the one night you spent in jail when you got arrested doesn’t count towards time served. If you are found guilty of a DUI in Colorado you will be sentenced to some more jail time. Whether it’s your first offense or third, you will most likely have the option to serve that time in your counties ‘Work Release’ program. Even if you are un-employed you are allowed to use this program. If you are jobless at the time of your DUI you will be granted time to leave the facility to look for work. As for the rest of you who are gainfully employed, have family and other responsibilities the ‘Work Release’ program is there for you so your life isn’t completely destroyed by this mistake you made.

They’re usually 3 types of ‘Work Release’ program available to you. The first one is straight time and the other is called a ‘Work Ender’ program. The ‘Work Ender’ program is a 2-day a week program (Tues – Wed or Sat -Sun) where you do 10hrs of hard labor for the community on day 1, spend the night at the facility and then do another 10hrs of hard labor and then you go home. And you do that every week until you finish your required amount of days served.

Another one is the straight time program and pending on your communities jail system, they will either have the ‘Work Release’ program inside the county jail or in a separate facility located near the jail in another building which is solely used for their ‘Work Release’ inmates. These live-in facilities are 24-7 facilities because each person has different jobs and different hours. You will be allowed to leave the facility for 12hrs a day to go to work, court, church and approved therapy classes that were ordered by the judge. The rest of your time is spent in the facility. Each housing facility is different in each county, some are new, some are old, some are nice and some are crappy. It will all depend on what county you reside or which county you were arrested in. Your time in these facilities will be spent reading books, watching TV, sleeping, staring into space or conversing with your fellow inmates. You will be assigned daily chores and you will drug tested will attending on a daily basis. It costs money to use this program. It ranges form $18 a day up to $30 a day pending on your income. Every 10 days cost roughly $225. Did someone say DUI’s were cheap?

Here are a few links to the Larimer County Work Release Programs also known in some counties as the ‘Alternative Sentencing Unit’ for a primer on what you can expect. Check out your own counties website for more information on your options. As for your other possible options for ‘Work Release’ see the list below..

Work Release Program Details

COLORADO DUI - Community Service - Jail - Fines - Probation
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COLORADO DUI - Community Service - Jail - Fines - Probation
These are really just the baseline penalties the courts use for DUI cases in Colorado. The judge and DA can pretty much do what they want when it comes to sentencing you if you're found guilty of acolorado-dui-jail. The circumstances of your case will dictate on what type and duration of penalty to throw at you.

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