My DUI Story & Everything Else You Need To Know…

COLORADO DUI INFORMATION - My DUI Story & Everything Else You Need To Know…



Colorado’s Alcohol Education Classes are split into 2 groups (Level 1 and Level 2) and pending on the circumstances and severity of your DUI you will be assigned to one of these groups. Your BAC and prior offenses being the main factors in this decision by the courts. Usually if your BAC is below a .12 and you have no priors you will qualify for Level 1 Education. If you refused a BAC and or Blood Test the night of your arrest you will be required to take the Level 2 Class automatically.

Level 1 Education Class is a 12 week program usually meeting 2 hours a week.
Level 2 Education Class is a 24 week program usually meeting 2 hours a week.

in regards to your driving privileges, probation, and they will also try to educate you on the effects alcohol has on the brain and body. These classes are in a group setting where everyone is required to share their stories and discuss the future of your drinking choices.

The Level 1 class will be less in-depth than the Level 2 Class. Level 1 classes are for first time offenders with low BAC’s and no prior DUI’s on their driving record. Level 1 classes give a basic overview of the current DUI Laws in Colorado as well as the penalties associated with the offense. It also briefly touches on the psychology of your drinking habits while trying to help you come to terms with and address your poor decision making when it comes to drinking and driving.

TIP : You do not need to wait until the court orders you to take these classes. In fact, it looks better to a judge if you are taking proactive steps to learn about and rectify your situation before ordered to. In most cases you won’t get sentenced for 2-3 months from the time of your original arrest date. Don’t waste those 2 or 3 months sitting on your butt. Get some of the requirements done early so you can get off probation earlier.


COST: Yes, these classes cost money. At the facility I took them at, the cost on average was $18 per class. Plus a $25 In-Take fee and $10 for the book. So doing the math. A Colorado DUI Level 1 Class will run you about $140 and Level 2 will run you about $250.

They say the average cost of a Colorado DUI conviction will run you on average $10,000. So start preparing your finances ASAP for the monthly drain on your bank account that is coming. DUI Classes cost money, DUI Probation cost money, DUI Drug Testing costs money, Jail Time Costs Money, An Interlock Device in your car costs money, A lawyer costs money, SR-22 Insurance costs money and DUI Fines cost money. It’s going to be a painful first year financially, but keep your head up it will all be over soon enough.

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Level 1 Education Class is a 12 week program usually meeting 2 hours a week. These classes cover many of the questions you will have about your current situation. They will discuss Colorado DUI penalties, issues you will have to remedy with the DMV

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