Did you just get a DUI in Colorado?

Welcome to the most informative and helpful Colorado DUI information website around.

Are you in the middle of freaking out? Are you searching the internet for answers to the many DUI questions you now have racing through that sober brain of yours.

The facts about DUI’s in Colorado are out there online, but from what I discovered in searching for this info for myself is that most of this DUI information is not all in one place and a lot of it now is even out-dated. The new DUI Laws and Penalties assessed for guilty parties seem to change every year and even more so now since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has taken full affect. They’ve re-written the entire book and it ain’t pretty. Did you know that driving high now has the same penalties as driving drunk. If convicted of ‘Driving High’ you now get to have an Alcohol Interlock Device placed in your car for a long time. But you’re saying to yourself, I was just smoking some weed. The courts are saying “Boo Hoo”, so it’s crazy out there in Legal Land right now in regards to the penalties of driving Under the Influence. More laws and more penalties have been added and knowing them and understanding them will help you in regards to your circumstances and possible outcome in court as well as after court. The fact is, most information about DUI Penalties, DUI Classes & DUI Laws are scattered over countless forums, County based sites and Colorado lawyer websites that are trying to scare you into their loving arms. Get the answers you need now from someone who’s recently gone through this process, so you know what questions you need to ask later. If you don’t educate your brain now, you just may find yourself locked up in 8×8 cell wondering what the hell went wrong with my Colorado DUI Court Case.

100 days of heat coloradoThis Colorado DUI Information website was created for one purpose and one purpose only. This site is here to help you by making your life a bit easier in this stressful time and help prepare you for the next couple of months, as you start your Colorado DUI legal process and at some point possibly start your probation requirements and driving re-instatements. The later of the two only being if you’re found guilty of that Colorado DUI you just got. Just to be clear, this site was not created by some law firm looking for new clients and it was not created by some Colorado law enforcement agency. A private citizen created this website just to help you. Not because I have nothing better to do with my time, but I too recently went through this exact same thing, actually I’m still going through it and I never want it to happen to me again.

This site is a daily reminder to myself of what I did and what I could do if I continue doing stupid things when I drink.

So, as you make your way through my site I hope you’ll take notice that I’ve connected with some local Colorado companies to help make your life easier through this trying time. You may find that these services prove to be useful to you throughout your current DUI ordeal. dui-checkpoint-coloradoLike the SR-22 Insurance Quote Finder you’ll see throughout our site. Why you ask, because of your new DUI,  you’re now required to have SR-22 coverage added to your auto policy for up to 3 years .  You might as well start searching for the best price now. Not all carriers offer sr-22 policies, so I put all of those who do in one place for you. So you can find the best quote fast so you can get your license back ASAP. (For more info on Colorado DUI SR-22 Insurance go here.. Just Click The Form To Begin Your Provider Search)

Like I said, the goal of me creating this site was so I could help. I’m just trying make your life easier by giving you the tools you may need to save you time and money in the future. I’ve been here, I know what you’re gonna need, may need or might need.


Moving on, basically my plan is to dispense all this invaluable DUI information out to you in the only way I know how. By basically telling you my very own Colorado DUI story. From beginning to end, I’ll tell you what happened to me step by step. From the night I chose to drive, through my arrest and my lovely night in jail, to deciding to get lawyer or go it alone, to finding the right lawyer, from pre-trial probation all the way through sentencing. I discuss the court process, types of probation, drug testing, types of alcohol classes and or counseling that may be required, work release programs and much much more.

The story itself isn’t all in place on this site, it’s scattered throughout as I discuss certain topics. So pay attention as you read, you just may just learn something that could save you a ton of time and or a ton of money. All this information that you will be reading about now, you will eventually find out yourself as you go through your own legal process. But at least you’ll know what’s coming and their won’t be any surprises in your future. It may even make things easier for you in the long run by helping you make some informed decisions now! And trust me when I say that making an informed decision now opposed to blindly stumbling along can make all the difference in the world. Just ask the cop who arrested you. Hindsight is 20/20 and there are no more do overs, welcome to the big leagues. And all this information I give to you for FREE. Just Pay it Forward… Don’t Drink and Drive Too…

Whether it’s your 1st DUI or your 3rd DUI, I can inform you about your circumstances. Each Colorado DUI or DWI as some out-of state residents call it is different. No two are alike and even if the facts of the case are identical to another person’s DUI the outcomes can be completely different. So being prepared and asking all the right questions is the best thing you can do for yourself right now. So take sometime and click through the many pages of this website. I’ve tried to answer any conceivable question that you might have and trust me, I know what the questions are because like I said, I was you recently. I was freaking out searching the internet for answers on Colorado DUI facts. Wondering what the hell was gonna happen to me. Was I gonna lose my license and for how long? Was I gonna have to serve jail time? Did I need a DUI lawyer? How much was this DUI going to cost me? Did I have a chance at beating this DUI?

I hope this website can offer you some peace of mind. For your sake, I hope you didn’t hurt anyone. D.U.I’s happen! It’s a mistake people make all the time. Don’t beat yourself up over it. This one bad choice most likely won’t destroy you. You will recover from it in time. You will get through it eventually and go on with your life. Hopefully, you will learn something about yourself in the process.  Please ask me questions if you have any. I will respond and Good Luck !!

DUI Dispatch Out…

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** Information on this website is not official. I am not a lawyer nor do I work for the State of Colorado.  ***

Did you just get a DUI in Colorado?
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Did you just get a DUI in Colorado?
This Colorado DUI Information website was created for one purpose and one purpose only. It is here to help you, by making your life a bit easier in this stressful time

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